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I know who killed me

A young college student is abducted from New Salem Jr. College. Her body is found several weeks later after she had been brutally tortured and cutup by her abductor. A few days later, Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) disappears after a college football game and becomes his next victim. The FBI believe that they are looking for a sadistic serial killer who likes to viciously play with his victims before getting rid of them. The FBI hope they can find Aubrey before she is killed. About a week later, a critically injured girl is found by the roadside and taken to the hospital. Aubreys parents Daniel (Neal McDonough) and Susan (Julia Ormond) are at her bedside when she awakens. The girl tells Aubreys parents that she doesnt know Aubrey, and that she is a stripper named Dakota Moss. The doctors believe Aubrey is suffering from traumatic stress of the ordeal and she only needs a little time to recover her memory. Dakota begins to believe that she may be Aubreys identical twin. The only problem with that is that she was an only child. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy).

I know who killed me- Movie Trailer

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