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J Lo awarded $5,45,000 in lawsuit

A judge on Wednesday approved a $5,45,000 arbitration award to Jennifer Lopez in a lawsuit against her first husband, Ojani Noa, over his plans to publish a tell-all book.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael C Solner also issued a permanent injunction barring Noa from publishing negative, denigrating or disparaging details about Lopez.

Solner approved the award, which was decided in April by a court-ordered arbitrator.

It includes $2,00,000 in damages, with the rest going for arbitration costs and attorney's fees.

The judge also directed Noa to give the actress-singer or her lawyer all copies of materials related to the book.

Noa and Lopez, 39, married in February 1997 and were divorced 11 months later.

Lopez's breach-of-contract lawsuit, filed in April 2006, accused Noa of violating a previous lawsuit settlement that prevented him from revealing private information about their relationship.

On Wednesday, Noa, who had been representing himself, asked for another 30 days to find a lawyer. When Solner denied his request, Noa objected.

"I think it's unfair, to be honest, your honor," he said.

"I'm sure you do," Solner replied.

Lopez's attorney, Paul N Sorrell, said a previous judge gave Noa chances to get a lawyer and he never did.

However, Sorrell declined to comment outside of court.

Noa's unpublished, ghostwritten book claims that during the time of their marriage Lopez had multiple affairs, including one with her third and current husband Marc Anthony, according to court documents.

Noa offered not to publish the book in return for $5 million, her lawsuit alleges.

In 2004, Noa sued Lopez for breach of contract, saying she lured him into taking a $1,000-a-week managerial job at her Pasadena restaurant, Madre's, then fired him five months later.

Noa settled the case for $1,25,000 in October 2005 and agreed not to disclose information about their relationship or disparage his ex-wife, according to court documents.
Lopez's suit claimed Noa's book plans breached that agreement.

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