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Beckhams Settle into L.A. Family Life

Despite the frenzy that greeted their arrival from Britain on Thursday, the weekend was anything but quiet for David and Victoria Beckham as they and their brood settled into their new Beverly Hills home.

Friday evening, the Beckhams hosted a small housewarming for friends. Saturday brought another typically American activity: piling into the family car (in this case, a limited-edition Bentley convertible) and shopping at Toys "R" Us, where the couple's three sons – Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4 and Cruz, 2 – were the recipients of about $5,000 worth of merchandise purchased by their parents.

Causing commotion among other customers in the La Cienega Boulevard branch, the Beckhams spent a lot of time perusing board games. Still, their final choices included Legos, electronics, bikes and a small American flag, which Cruz waved as the family departed. Later that evening mom and dad had dinner with their manager, American Idol's Simon Fuller, on the patio of the Chateau Marmont.

On Sunday, David took an afternoon drive to his new home stadium, the Home Depot Center in Carson (just south of L.A.), making a stop at the region's preferred java chain, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Victoria has also taken time to introduce herself to America through the media, talking about everything from her dry sense of humor to her surprise at the casual nature of L.A. style.

"They dress down quite a lot here, don't they?" she tells the Los Angeles Times. "It seems to be in keeping to go to Starbucks in tracksuit bottoms and Ugg boots."

Not that she will follow suit: "I don't want to change the way I dress," she says. "This is me, and if people like it, great."

Despite her often-severe look, she does have a relaxed side to her, she assures Parade magazine.

"I don't take myself too seriously. I enjoy sending myself up," she says. "I'm just hoping people do get it and don't truly think that I do sunbathe in high heels and a bikini and a full face of makeup."

Kicking off the work week. David begins to prepare in earnest for his opening match with the L.A. Galaxy against London team Chelsea on Saturday – while Monday night brings the NBC special Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, (8 p.m. ET).

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