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Harry Potter - and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter - and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth book in the Harry Potter series of books by J. K. Rowling, published June 21, 2003. This book details Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts and efforts by the Ministry of Magic to take control of the school while Voldemort plots to acquire a “weapon.” The book is 766 pages in the British edition, and 870 pages in the US edition. At 257,045 words, it is the longest book in the Harry Potter series. It was also the first Harry Potter book to be released after the movie adaptions began in 2001.
Harry Potter is spending an agitating summer in Privet Drive: not only is he bracing himself for the catastrophe that is certain to accompany Voldemort’s return, but he has had little contact from the wizarding world. When Harry and his cousin Dudley are attacked by Dementors in Little Whinging, Harry repels them with a Patronus Charm. An owl letter soon arrives stating Harry has been expelled from Hogwarts for performing magic outside school. Several more letters arrive in quick succession: Arthur Weasley and Sirius Black instruct Harry to remain in the house, while another overturns his expulsion and orders him to appear at a hearing at the Ministry of Magic.Order of the Phoenix members arrive to escort Harry to their secret headquarters at the Black family home, 12 Grimmauld Place in London. The Weasleys, Hermione, and Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black , are there. Harry learns that Voldemort is building an army and is attempting to retrieve a “weapon”. Arthur Weasley escorts Harry to his hearing. He is cleared of all charges after testimony from Dumbledore, and from Harry’s neighbour, Mrs. Figg.

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and the Order of the Phoenix

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