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Nicole Kidman Calls Marriage 'Complicated and Beautiful'

Nicole Kidman says she never tells interviewers that she's happy, even when it comes to her marriage, because she never knows what tomorrow will bring.

Asked in the November issue of Interview magazine if she is happy with husband Keith Urban, Kidman replies, "I don't ever say that. Partly because interviews are done in advance and you never know where something's going. People's lives together are complicated and beautiful and that's what they should stay. They're very quiet. Complicatedly quiet. They don't need to be broadcast."

She goes on to clarify: "My husband and I are committed to each other and deeply in love. That's how I would put it. We're working on staying in that place, and hopefully we will for the rest of our lives."

Kidman, 40, is interviewed in the magazine by the novelist Michael Cunningham, who wrote The Hours, the film version of which earned Kidman an Oscar for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf.

The two also talk about Kidman's years as a schoolgirl, when she dreamed of being in love. "I yearned for it, and I imagined it, and I started playing roles where I was in love," she says.

She also says she wasn't pretty as a young woman – and now only cares if she's attractive to her husband.

"I don't know if it happened, or if it was just me making the most of myself," she says of her looks. "I mean, I like my husband to like how I look, but he's the only person I care about."
Cunningham also interviews Jennifer Jason Leigh, who stars with Kidman in the new film Margot at the Wedding.

Leigh says of Kidman: "She's an amazing actress, and so good to work with. It's like the scenes are electric – there's incredible energy and subtlety. And it's just like breathing, but with all of this tension, especially in our scenes."

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