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The Simpsons Movie - 2007

The film begins with Green Day hosting a concert at Lake Springfield. When they finish their song they talk about the environment, angering the audience, who throw garbage at them polluting the lake and causing their barge to dissolve and sink, killing them. The next day at church, Grampa is possessed by God warns the city of a future disaster. Marge believes Grampa's prediction, and decides to work out the meaning of the message. Meanwhile, Lisa starts to talk about the environment, with no success. She encounters Colin, an Irish boy who shares the same passions as her. Homer and Bart are repairing the roof when they decide to have a dare contest. Homer dares Bart to skateboard to Krusty Burger naked, which Bart obliges causing him to become stuck naked on the window of the building. After he is apprehended by the police, Homer turns up and they decide to order a meal. Inside the restuarant, Ned Flanders helps Bart out and understands his feelings which begins a relationship and mutual respect between the two, meanwhile Krusty is filming a commercial. When recording finishes Krusty orders for the pig he is using in the commercial to be slaughtered, causing it to flee to Homer who adopts him. That evening Lisa holds a conference at city hall and explains that the town lake cannot sustain anymore pollution. Mayor Quimby declares a state of emergency and orders the cleansing and protection of Lake Springfield.Marge asks Homer where "Spider-Pig's/Harry Plopper's" waste is going. Homer shows her an overflowing silo, horrifying Marge who tells Homer to dispose of it safely. While waiting in a queue at the dump Homer is told by Lenny that Lard Lad Donuts has been shut down and that they are giving away free donuts. Homer, in his haste to get to the giveaway decides on a quicker means of disposal and dumps the silo into the lake, causing it to become heavily polluted. A nearby squirrel jumps into it and becomes severely mutated, with many eyes. Nearby, Bart and Ned are hiking up a hill when they discover the squirrel who is immediately captured by the EPA. At the White House, the contained squirrel is brought before President Arnold Schwarzenegger by Russ Cargill, head of the EPA. He states that Springfield has become so polluted that the government must take drastic action and proposes five different solutions. The President picks plan 3 at random, choosing to not even read them, which leads to a giant glass dome being placed over Springfield. Cargill then tells the town that Springfield is now the most polluted city on the Earth and that the government has decided to contain it. Next day, Maggie falls through a sinkhole in her sandbox and emerges outside the dome, before returning. The police reveal that Homer polluted the lake and an angry mob approaches the Simpson's house and torches it. The family escape through the sink hole, which expands destroying their house. The family flee, and whilst hiding in a dilapidated motel Homer reveals that he has always kept a backup plan in the event that they are run out of town. He proposes that the entire family move to Alaska, a plan that Marge agrees to. The next day the family attend a carnival where Homer enters the "Ball of Death" challenge, a spherical cage in which he must ride a motorcycle around in a full horizontal circle. He wins a truck and the family move to Alaska, and begin to enjoy their new life.

The Simpsons Movie - Movie Trailer

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